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What our students/parents say about us!

  1. Regan is a very professional and outstanding coach. He has accomplished so much in such a short time. We have watched Regan’s club grow from strength to strength and he continues to give his best and more. His motivation, dedication and polite character has made him very popular with his students and their families. He has created a safe and friendly club for all.
    Sophia Peart - Parent
  2. Since I took my son Ryan to Taekwon-Do Excel, it has really changed his life. Regan's enthusiasm really shines through and this has a really positive effect on his students. My Son really enjoys going to his classes and he especially enjoys sparring. All the students give Mr Lawrance 100% as they have a lot of respect for him and this really does come across each week when I watch the classes.
    Laura Wright - Parent
  3. I brought my son along to start training in March, his progress has been unbelievable. Not only in Taekwon-Do, but also in everyday life. His school work has improved, he is twice as confident as he was before and he behaves a lot better at home. Regan instils a strong feeling of self-belief into the children, and I feel this has really helped my son.
    Jackie Lockwood - Parent
  4. I was a bit dubious as to whether to take my son to a Martial Arts class or not, but taking him to Taekwon-Do Excel was the best thing for him. He was a very lively and energetic child, but he has now learned to channel his energy in a positive way. He absolutely loves the classes and he admires the instructors so much.
    Steve Malik - Parent
  5. I started the senior classes a little while back and I absolutely love it. I used to go to the gym and do the same routine with no real results. With Taekwon-Do, you can really measure your progress and see yourself improve, which gives you loads of motivation to carry on.
    Gary Taylor - Student