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Frequently asked questions

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    What should I wear for my first class?


    Anything you feel comfortable in! For children just something similar to their PE kit is fine. Adults just need to wear suitable gym attire.
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    Are the classes female friendly?


    Yes, we have a good mix of males and females throughout all our classes.
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    Do I need any previous experience?


    No, we have beginner classes which will lay the foundations, both physically and mentally, for you to progress into the advanced classes. 99% of our new starters are complete beginners.
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    Will I have to spar or compete at competitions?


    Part of Taekwon-Do is sparring for 8 year olds and above, however, we make sure sparring is practiced in a controlled and safe environment. We never allow our students to be put in a dangerous situation. We attend many competitions throughout the year but only a small amount of students compete. There are many aspects to Taekwon-Do to benefit from, from fitness to self confidence. Competing is not essential and never will we pressure students to compete. There is no sparring in our 4-7 year old classes.
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    There is more than one family member that would like to join, are there any discounts?


    We do offer family discounts, where one member pays full price and every other family member has 20% off.
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    Will martial arts classes make my child aggressive or violent?


    Quite the opposite. Children who have a positive outlet for their energy, who are taught self control and who participate in activities that boost their confidence and self esteem, have proven to be calmer, less prone to violent outbursts and more easily able to resolve conflict without becoming physical. They are also taught to understand that with acquired skill comes responsibility.
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    What age is too young or too old to join?


    In our TKD Kids programme, the age range is 4-7 year olds. I have seen many people start Taekwon-Do at a later age, even up to 70 years old. There are so many ways you can benefit Taekown-Do, no matter what age! For our insurance policies, the lowest age we can take from is 4.